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SONJA A is a PhD philosopher, globally active entrepreneur and multiple bestselling author, who has made herself known for decades with pointed statements on TV and in the media.


She reveals a side here that is hardly known: at a young age, she sang her way into the hearts of audiences in the small theatre scene in Switzerland as a singer-songwriter.


With her own evening programmes and the songs she composed and wrote lyrics for, the Lucerne native mixed up the predominantly male Swiss singer-songwriter scene.


After continuing with singing and musical training to this day, she has returned to music with MOTHER EARTH and her MOTHER EARTH Project.


Why? SONJA A understands music as a direct transmitter into the hearts of those people who are awakening and want to radically rethink their lives and behaviour on this planet – something that already works on an intellectual level with her bestsellers, her daily entrepreneurial work and her regular TV talks and media presence.

With her music, she now wants to find a new transmitting channel directly into the hearts of the audience.

“SONJA A’s music, songwriting, bestsellers and entrepreneurial management career are a unique holistic transmitter of her values.”

Hans Siegwart





With her new song, SONJA A starts a global, worldwide project for a radical rethink of our life journey and our dealings with our own life and Mother Earth.

MOTHER EARTH is the key song for SONJA A’s music projects that deal with three focus topics:



  • SAVE OUR OCEANS: SONJA A loves to dive with sharks, fights for their survival and shows their beauty in her Mother Earth song – she filmed all shots of sharks that appear in her music video – and she is also the diver in the video.

  • Tell the HER STORY

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